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" # is living " box-office that day 256123 person-time, accumulative total is box-office 1060008 person-time, screen counts 1869 2On June 29 10:4Remaining sum of financing of 9 two city reduces 5

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According to joint company report, japanese government thinks, wen Zaiyin government regards alleviation Han as first item toward the relation, and show close China attitude, this and G7 country are different, and those who consider Telangpu turn over China the tendency, because this puts forward " should continue to maintain existing G7 system " expostulatoryIn addition, card inspect still can be released revise " sub debt management sets stockjobber " , extend channel of certificate business financing through optimizing sub debt to distribute kindThe near future, number of case of illness of many cities diagnose achieves the United States new tall, the United States makes an appointment with the statistical data that writings brush the university releases Si Hopkins 27 days to show, up to time of American the eastpart part 27 days 16 when 35 minutes (Beijing time 28 days 4 when 35 minutes of) , case of illness of diagnose of American accumulative total exceeds 2

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